Our Curriculum
Maria Montessori International School takes pride in its integrative, outcome-based and socially relevant curriculum which is especially designed to encourage learners to contribute to local and global community development. The academic programs are aligned with the institutional goals of MMIS.

It also provides a learning environment that caters to the needs of the 21st century learners. It aims that the integrative, outcome-based and socially relevant curriculum will unfold the students to become academically excellent, virtuous, independent, responsible, and servant leaders as they contribute towards social transformation.
Known for being the pioneer in providing Montessori Education in Cebu City, the Preschool Department provides a “sensorial curriculum” where children can unfold and discover themselves in a “prepared environment”. The classroom has defined areas for Practical Life, Sensorial, Reading and Language, Mathematics and Cultural. It also takes into consideration the holistic development of each child. With its Caring and Nurturing nature, activities have been designed and embedded in the Preschool Curriculum to cater to each child’s Multiple Intelligence and provide them an avenue for self-expression and creativity.
The Basic Education program in the Primary and Secondary levels are imbued with the Montessori philosophy of developing the whole child. Its Mission across all levels and departments is to unfold diverse learners through a curriculum that is integrative, outcome based and socially relevant. Curricular and extracurricular activities are provided to hone aesthetic skills and abilities which are innate in the children.
The Primary and Second Education Edge


Contest Training Pool in Science, Math and English provides training to hone students’ potential and enables them to qualify for school wide competitions such as MTAP, PRESSCON and others.


In MMIS, the English-Only-Policy is being enforced in the campus most especially in the classroom teaching-learning interaction. This aims to train children to become proficient in the use of the language to hone their skills in Communication as one of the skills for the 21st Century learners.

SINGAPORE MATH in the Math Curriculum for Grades 1,2,3

Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 1,2 and 3 uses the Singapore Method of teaching Mathematics using concrete materials.


Contest Training Pool in Science, Math and English provides training to hone students’ potential and enables them to qualify for school wide competitions such as MTAP, PRESSCON and others.
To hone skills in leadership and to equip students with proper attitudes towards service and love for the outdoors
CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training)
To enhance the students’ social responsibility and commitment to the development of their communities and to develop the students’ ability to uphold the law and order as they assume active participation in community activities
SPG (Supreme Pupil Government) and SSG (Supreme Student Government)
To serve the interests of the student body. The officers’ term of office is described as LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE, adhering to the school’s PVMO and core values.SPG GorordoSPG TalambanSSG Talamban
Our Mission is service! The school initiates programs to reach out to the community outside the school. These outreach programs are participated in by our Preschool, Grade School, Junior High and Senior High students.


These are a handful of clubs to develop your child's skills:
Math Club
English Club
Science Club
Civics and Arts Club
CLF Club
Computer/IT Club
Filipino Club
Understanding the needs of our community and considering the nature of our learners, MMIS offers an extensive Senior High School Curriculum focusing on the academic track. Our flagship strands are all rigid preparations for higher education in both local and international universities.

Following the Commission on Higher Education’s College Readiness Standards and the Department of Education’s K+12 Learning Standards as our minimum benchmark, we enhance our curriculum to offer subjects and develop competencies that will put our students to a better advantage in our global landscape.

Our curriculum undergoes annual evaluation and revisiting to make sure that it remains dynamic and relevant to the needs of our community, higher education requisites and industry standards.


Accountancy, Business and Management
College preparatory for Accountancy, Business Administration, Business Management, HRM, Tourism


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
College preparatory for Engineering, Pre-Medical Courses, Nursing, Architecture, Computer Science


Humanities and Social Sciences
College preparatory for Education, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, International Relations